Friday August 20, 2021
Apps for EV

Apps for EV 2022

The future of next-generation App development is Apps for EV in 2022.


  1. On-Screen Navigation App
  2. Range Forecasting App
  3. Anti-theft Features App
  4. Pre-emptive Remote Diagnostics App
  5. Riding customization App
  6. Vehicle wallet App
  7. Riding Assistance App
  8. Digital Service Book App
  9. Quick Note App
  10. Updates and Notification App
Apps are not only limited up to mobile devices but it’s reach expanding day by day now feature apps required for many futuristic devices too like: New Generation Vehicles, Smart Appliances, wearables, IOT devices, Beacon and Robots.
Apps for EV 2022

Why We need future Apps for EV?

Apps are improving the usability of devices same as happened with EVs with the help of Apps EVs meet all the criteria of smart vehicles. Apps help to improve the performance of the EV, Utility of the EV, Safety, and protection of the EV, and more.

Below are some important Apps for the In-Vehicle Infotainment system, Android Automotive OS (AAOS), QNX real-time operating system, MoveOS, and All operating systems for Vehicles.

On-Screen Navigation App

Step by step navigation on the vehicle’s dashboard helps the driver safely reach on destination point.

Range Forecasting App

The rider can find out the remaining charge in the battery and notify about how many kilometers of distance it will allow traveling.

Anti-theft Features App

Set Geo limit – Create virtual fencing to allow the vehicle to travel only within the defined area. | Geo parking tag – get directions to reach when the vehicle is parked in a large and busy parking area. | Lock / Unlock the vehicle and handle it through the mobile app.

Pre-emptive Remote Diagnostics App

The collection of information from sensors to get vehicle health status enables predictive maintenance and troubleshooting. Get to know if any part of the vehicle needs attention.

Riding customization App

Regulate the top speed of the vehicle and kilometer range according to the rider’s age.

Vehicle wallet App

It will allow paying charging, parking charges, toll-tax, washing, vehicle maintenance charges, etc. from itself.

Riding Assistance App

It will provide information about the vehicle and giving assistance to the rider on different riding modes like on-road, off-road, mountain ridings, riding in Rain.

Digital Service Book App

It will keep all service records of the vehicle.

Quick Note App

With ease user can write the notes on the vehicle’s touch display like Address and Todolist

Updates and Notification App

It will notify the rider about calls, messages, emails, etc.