Must adopt coding standards

content: what are coding standards? Coding standards ensure that program is Advantages of implementing Coding Standards Best Practices to follow coding standards Make sure your code is readable Comment and Document Keep you code DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Try to keep code length short Eliminate Hard-Coding what are coding standards? Implementations of rules, techniques, and …

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Eliminate vulnerabilities from your mobile Application

Eliminate vulnerabilities from your mobile Application

content: Introduction Security standards of the software Industry Threat modeling Code reviews during implementation Static application security testing Penetration testing Secure Deployment of the application Introduction According to the current scenario, we all know that vulnerable application will how much dangerous for a user. It is time to focus on taking measures of security and …

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how much time required to build a mobile app in flutter?

How much time required to build a Mobile App in flutter?

content: Introduction Main stages of the flutter app development process Shape your ideas and set-up research Strong Planning for all Design & Validation of Idea Development process: Testing & Error Fixing Deployment on stores or App Launch What to avoid speeding up your development process? Introduction Generally, businesses and clients are interested in knowing how …

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IoT and its Importance

Every second the world is changing due to digitization, in the way we interact and work with each other. It somehow gives an impact on our behaviour as well. In all this, the internet is one thing that has played a very crucial role. And with time, the internet has evolved making the possibilities for …

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Voice User Interface

Voice user interface helps us interact with the device or an app through voice command. With more digitalization, it has become a common trend that people often tend to avoid doing things manually on the devices as it even causes screen fatigue.  So with all this, the voice user interface usage has reached a new …

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Edge Computing

Edge computing is a philosophy in the field of networking which focuses on bringing the computer as close as possible to the source of the data, thus reducing the bandwidth use and latency. Talking in simpler terms, edge computing reduces the number of processes running in the cloud and moving them to local places such …

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