Friday April 16, 2021

Impact of Wearables on Human Life

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Within a short span of time, wearable technology has seen a spike of growth. Specially the last couple of years have seen a major impact of wearables on our lives and society. At this point of time, it is very early to comment on the impact of this technology, but based on the current knowledge we can definitely analyse the effect.

Impact on the health

Majorly, the wearables have the ability to track our physical activity and also store it as records. This basically proves to be a source of inspiration and enthusiasm to workout daily, go for a walk and thus help us achieve our health goals. Though many people in the society have happily welcomed this new trend in life, however there are many who have not accepted it, as the analysis and information provided by these devices are sometimes incorrect and cannot be relied upon. 

There are cases reported in which the heart rate shown by the device and the actual heart rate calculated by doctors have a great difference which can lead to people taking measures which are not required.

Information Security Issues

Mostly, these devices are connected either by bluetooth or by wifi, thus making the data stored in these devices vulnerable to experience cybercrimes. Though at present the data stored in these devices are not very useful for the hackers, as the technology will evolve, there will be information that needs to be kept very secure and safe from getting leaked. 

The future of Wearables

Not only in the field of healthcare, but there are many industries in which we can see a bright scope of wearable technology. In the healthcare industry there are many other parameters like blood pressure, sugar level in blood, etc. that will be tracked in these devices. There is also research going on for smart hearing aids and glasses for improved hearing and vision respectively. Industries like manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and the military also see a great amount scope for wearable technology to measure the efficiency and performance.