Tuesday April 20, 2021

Mobile Application Security: A Necessity

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Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of human life today. Majority of the functionalities that desktop or laptop offers can be found in mobile devices. Exchanging emails, sending messages, online shopping and doing bank transactions, all can be done easily on mobile devices. For all these functionalities to work, apps usually gather information like location, gallery access, contacts, messages and other data stored in mobile. To ensure that such important data does not go in wrong hands, mobile app security in inevitable.

Impact of Weak Mobile App Security

Studies reveal that only few companies have some budget dedicated for mobile app security. Due to this there are always some loopholes in the app that hackers exploit and the following data gets leaked:

  • Information of the customers
  • IP theft
  • Financial information
  • Loss of revenue

Mobile apps are not designed properly to ensure safe data transfer over the internet. During the development, more efforts are given to making the app run smoothly and have the best functionality.

Common Risk in Applications

  1. Malicious code injection

Usually hackers write a javascript code in any of the fields on the login form and access the personal information.

  1. Botnets

Botnets gain complete control over the device which then can be used to send messages, make calls, access contacts, etc.

  1. Encryption missing

By using an encryption method the data is transferred in the form of ciphered code which can only be viewed when matched with a secret key.

Best Practices for Mobile App Security

A mobile app is considered safe and secured if none of the information entered in the app is leaked by any means. The developer needs to ensure that the app undergoes all the security checks before it goes live on the app store. Some of the recommended practices are:

  • Proper architecture
  • Minimal application permission
  • Enhance data security
  • No password saving
  • Enforce session logout
  • Restricting user privileges
  • Testing app regularly

With increasing hacking attempts and malfunctioning practices, the mobile app security has become the utmost priority. This has to be properly analyzed and integrated in the app.