Friday May 21, 2021

IoT and its Importance

Every second the world is changing due to digitization, in the way we interact and work with each other. It somehow gives an impact on our behaviour as well. In all this, the internet is one thing that has played a very crucial role. And with time, the internet has evolved making the possibilities for new inventions. One such invention is the Internet of Things(IoT).

What is IoT?

IoT or Internet of Things is basically a technology in which the devices or things get connected to the internet inside them. Slowly and gradually the list of such types of things is growing long. These may include security devices, household appliances, our vehicle, etc. These devices transmit and receive data through the internet. 

We actually make the things intelligent by making them sense the surroundings using various embedded sensors.

Basic Components of IoT

The basic components of IoT on which it depends are :

  1. Connectivity

IoT cannot and does not exist without connectivity be it bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.

  1. Data

Though sensors make IoT possible, however these sensors interact through data and help devices work.

  1. Adaptability

As things are changing everyday in terms of behaviour and feel, so the IoT also needs to adapt to those changes.

Importance of IoT

There are many fields in which we can see the application of IoT like in many industries, medical field, automobile sector, etc. But with all this development, it is also crucial to know the impact of the information shared. 

It might be very exciting to see everything automated such that sitting at a place and having things done. But with all these comforts comes some obligation. Privacy is one major risk that we might invite while doing things in this automatic era. So while using IoT in a business, we should be very careful about security by keeping a constant watch on things.

Earlier IoT was something people used to dream of, but today it is present everywhere. We should try to use this technology to the maximum advantage it can serve only with slight care and security.