Thursday April 15, 2021

Mobile App or Mobile Website- Which is better

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Though mobile apps have been dominating the market today, it is still not claimed that mobile apps are superior to mobile websites. The impact of selecting one over the other has been a topic of debate for the experts since many years.

Both platforms have huge amounts of user engagement in various fields. This blog will help understand the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website closely.

Mobile App

A mobile app needs to be installed to be used on the device. These apps are available at the marketplace of the operating system used in the device. Some apps are freely available while some are paid apps. More than 80 percent of the total time on any device is accommodated for using mobile apps. Mobile apps are designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements and the nature of business for which it is to be developed.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

  • Can access offline as well
  • Improved user experience
  • Impressive performance
  • Capability to use mobile features like camera, push notification, call and messages functionality
  • Increased consumer engagement

Mobile Website

A mobile website as it sounds are websites that adjust to different screen sizes and layout. They are also known responsive websites that run on various platforms. The content and data is almost similar to that of a normal desktop website, only the layout pattern in which it is displayed is different. There is no requirement of downloading from anywhere for accessing a mobile website. 

Advantages of Mobile Websites

  • These are cost effective
  • Has a broader audience reach
  • Less maintenance and support required
  • Not device specific


While choosing between a mobile app and a mobile website, it completely depends upon your budget and the objective of your business. If your aim is to have a simple easy to use platform, targeting a wider range of audience then a mobile website is a better option. While if you aim to have an engaging user experience such that you are able to use features of the device, then a mobile is the right choice for you.