Thursday February 25, 2021

Screen Mirroring Module and Tips

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As the name suggests, screen mirroring is the technology that makes it possible to duplicate the display of your small devices like mobile, tablet to larger display like television or projectors wirelessly.

This proves to be very beneficial in meetings, lectures, presentations, and also for home entertainment.

Difference between Screen Casting and Screen Mirroring

Broadly both the technologies are similar, however, in mirroring the exact screen of the device like mobile gets mirrored on the screen while in case of casting we can play the content of the device on the screen. 

In mirroring, the phone or the device needs to be constantly active(on), while for casting once the content gets casted, we can do any other activity on mobile or device through which casting is done.

If Screen Mirroring not working : How to Fix

  1. First and foremost, both the sending and the receiving devices should be on the same network.
  2. Check is the input source of the TV.
  3. Mostly one device is allowed when we use screen mirroring feature.
  4. Try rebooting your device and then again connect to the display device.
  5. In some of the display devices we need to pair the phone and then we can do mirroring.
  1. Sometimes even bluetooth of the screen needs to be turned off as it is also a wireless technology and can cause interference in mirroring.
  2. Try rebooting your wifi router.

How screen mirroring works

For screen mirroring we require two components, a screen sharing device and a screen receiving device. Both the sending device and receiving device should be on the same network. There are various hardware receivers available like Apple TV, Chromecast and some others that serve as a destination to cast the content.

Sometimes devices are equipped with native screen mirroring technology like AirPlay or Chromecast and so there are sometimes compatibility issues. Apple TVs prevent android or windows devices from connecting wirelessly.
To overcome this issue, the developers of Dexbytes came up with a solution wherein the device gets connected through the default settings of the device.

The packages used to implement screen mirror feature are as follows: