Wednesday April 21, 2021

App Store Optimization (ASO)

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The biggest issue faced by mobile app development companies is to get their app discovered in a market where there are around 6 million other apps. To make this happen, App Store Optimization has become an important aspect.

What is App Store Optimization

App store optimization is a process of making our app rank higher in the app store search result. This ensures more visibility of the app to the potential customer when they search on the app store. It helps in increasing the download number and indirectly the revenue.

For proper ASO process, the knowledge for the customer base along with the keywords knowledge which the customers would be using while searching on the app store.

The main factors in ASO are:

  1. Rating and Reviews
  2. App Name
  3. Description
  4. Keywords
  5. Subtitle
  6. Number of downloads
  7. Updates

Importance of ASO

With thousands of apps on the app store, it becomes really difficult for an app to come in the top search result. Most of the app development companies do not invest in ASO. So for the apps that use ASO techniques, it becomes a secret weapon.

Using ASO ensures less amount of expenses on advertisements and have more traffic getting to your app thus leading to a steady growth.  

Also by using an ASO technique called localization, you can make your app available in various languages and thus take it to a global level. 


ASO is a process that needs to be analysed and updated at regular intervals to get the maximum output out of it. A consistent time and effort is required to reap the benefits of App Store Optimization techniques.