Monday May 10, 2021

Prototype- An Important Aspect

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A project is basically divided into various stages in which prototyping is an important one. It allows us to have a good understanding and feel of the project, thus making it possible for us to decide the important features and to remove the unnecessary once at an early stage of a project life cycle.

What is a Prototype?

A prototype is basically the mockup or blueprint of a project in which the flow and the structure of the project is explained in the forms of blocks. It is used to present the idea and the concept of the project to the client and the development team. 

By using this approach we basically can bring down the client to the same lines as we are in terms of understanding of the project. We also ensure that all the features to be included in the project are mentioned and locked at the initial stage of the project. This also makes it possible to have less modification at the later stage of project development.

Steps to create a Prototype

The various steps involved in preparing a prototype for a project are as follows:

  1. Understanding of the requirements of the project
  2. Identification of the key functionality to be included in the project
  3. Draw rough sketch showing the structure of the project
  4. Convert the sketch into wireframes by making it interactive. 


A prototype is not functional but created to present the logic and structure of the project and to validate the idea behind developing the project. Prototype has proved to make the projects successful as it reduces the development hours required for a project by a tremendous amount thus saving a lot of money for a company indirectly.