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  • iCares iCares


  • iCares


    iCARES, stands for Integrated Community and Resident System. iCARES was designed and built to creates a caring community, build a convenience, safe and secure living environment in mind. This app aims to connect between Resident, JMB/ MC, Building Management and Security.

  • Lyftaste Lyftaste


  • Lyftaste


    Lyfetaste is a global distribution platform created by Wine With Spirit, a Portuguese wine producer with the mission of taking Enotainment to the world, combining innovation in the way of producing, selling & drinking wine with the experience of an ancient industry.

    Our wines, several times internationally awarded, are present in 5 continents, reaching diverse cultures and speaking several languages.

  • eggy eggy


  • LiveInLoops


    Live in Loops is an app for drummers, perfect for your drumming sessions. The most important thing in this app is you to be creative, explore your imagination and learn, teach, have fun.

    Access a library of 88+ multi track loops in this first version with 8 different genres of music. You can mute or solo any track you want in every loop, including metronome. Every loop has 2 drum versions to get you some ideas.

  • Aircon Aircon


  • Aircon


    A prominent leader in the service market. We specialize in sales, installations, Annual maintenance Contract, repairs and corrective maintenance for domestic and industrial customers. It’s been a few years since the company has initiated and made benchmarks during this period through delighting services.

  • iSalon iSalon


  • iSalon


    You don't have to wait anymore! For your beauty, isalon App offers you an easy way to book for your next visit to your favorite beauty salon.

    Download the app, choose the date & time and select your favorite beautician. That's it.

  • syncom syncom

    Syncom Formulation

  • syncom


    Syncom want to have help their business associate to go ahead with one touch accessibility of all their product & brochures detail in one place where they can inquire about product & go through the specification of product.

  • Happy Rent Happy Rent

    Happy Rent

  • Happy Rent

    Happy Rent

    Happy Rent is an app design and built for landlord and tenant, it is an interactive app to let's landlord and tenant interact with each other in a direct and easiest way.

    Happy Rent consists of 2 modules which are called Happy Landlord and Happy Tenant. Happy Landlord make tenant management easier than ever, it can be done on-the-go, digitally, no more paper, all automatically.

    On the other hand, Happy Tenant make rental payment as simple as 1-2-3. All invoices and receipts stored on the cloud, allowed for access anywhere and anytime.

    Happy Rent also lets landlord and tenant make report/ or complaint, make sure everyone is taken care.

    Happy Rent designed for everyone, and we believe Happy Tenant, Happy Landlord.