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Amazing Features of Hotel On Mobile

  • Search

    Customers can find a specific hotel, city and location by a keyword enter in the search bar.

    Let’s Search Your Hotel

  • Easy Payment Options

    Customers will able to pay hotel bookings via cash, debit/credit card or online wallets.

    Pay with ease and get rewards

  • Filters

    Search results can be sorted down to a specific price range, amenities and more with the use of filters.

    Let's Filter the Search results

  • Every activity related with hotel booking status will be notified to the customers via push notifications and alerts.

    Push Notifications

    Get all the updates of your bookings and Payments.

  • Feedback from customers reflect the quality of hotel and user can add the new ratings according to the experience.

    Reviews and Ratings

    Help the new customers to make the decision for bookings.

  • Customer can review his/her last bookings and rewards.

    Bookings History

    No need to worry about bookings’ records

Ready To Build An App For Your Business

Hotel On Mobile

Hotel On Mobile Is a Mobile App Solution for Hotels & Resorts With Low Cost Development Expenditure.

Ready To Build An App For Your Business