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Amazing Features of Work Hangouts App

  • SpotlightThis is the feature that gives this app a uniqueness. This feature helps express your appreciation for a colleague by putting them in the Spotlight. The spotlight created gets listed at the top of the screen of all the colleagues who are a part of the company. Anyone can like it or add a comment to the same.

    Celebrate your colleague's achievement.

  • InviteThis feature enables you to invite another colleague by sending an invite through various platforms where the invitee gets a link to download the app.

    You can invite your colleagues to join the app.

  • Push NotificationYou get notified when any colleague you are following in the company creates a post, anyone likes or adds comments to our post, mentions us in any comments, someone creates a spotlight for us and when someone starts following us.

    Get alerts of the notifications.

  • Poll CreationThis is also a feature that distinguishes the app. You can create a Poll along with maximum three options for that and mention the duration(in terms of number of days) for which the poll will be active.

    You can take your colleague's view on any topic you wish.

  • Media PostingYou can add media from the phone storage along with the caption, capture photos and videos for creating post.

    Upload media to share with your colleagues.

  • ReportingThis feature enables you to report a post or a channel or a user mentioning the reason for reporting. Once you send the report, the primary admin and all the admins receive it and then they either remove it or cancel the report after viewing the content and analysing it.

    Report a content that you think breaks the rule.

Ready To Build An App For Your Business

Work Hangouts App

Work Hangouts Also this proves to be a personalised app for a company and does not involve other persons who are not a part of the organisation like it happens in other social media apps.The app basically targets an organisation or a company where employees can sign up and join the team.

Ready To Build An App For Your Business